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If you need a root canal because of significant tooth damage or infection, turn to Sarmiento Microendodontics in Cypress, Texas. Endodontics specialist Bernardo Sarmiento Jr., DDS, MSD, offers advanced endodontic microsurgery to restore damaged teeth and save them from falling out or needing extraction. Call the Northwest Houston office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.

Endodontic Microsurgery Q & A

What is endodontic microsurgery?

Endodontic microsurgery, also known as apicoectomy or surgical root canal treatment, is a surgical approach through the gums that eliminates inflamed or infected tissue near the tip of a tooth’s root. Apicoectomy procedures allow Dr. Sarmiento to examine the entire root of your tooth and provide the most effective treatment. 

Why might I need endodontic microsurgery?

You may need endodontic microsurgery if you experience persistent symptoms or if irregularities appear on your dental X-rays. Your tooth could have a tiny fracture or problem that a non-surgical treatment did not detect. You may notice a toothache, pain with chewing, swelling, or hot and cold sensitivity.

Is endodontic microsurgery right for me?

To determine if you’re a candidate for endodontic microsurgery at Sarmiento Microendodontics, Dr. Sarmiento examines your teeth and gums and reviews the results of your dental X-rays. He discusses your symptoms and oral health history and lets you know what to expect during the procedure. 

Apicoectomy might be right for you if conventional root canal treatment isn’t practical or inflammation and infection persist after root canal retreatment

What happens during endodontic microsurgery?

Prior to endodontic microsurgery, Dr. Sarmiento numbs the treatment area so you can avoid discomfort. He also offers sedation to ease dental anxiety and help you relax during the procedure.

Dr. Sarmiento removes the very end of a tooth root tip and other affected tissues. He then places special materials in your tooth to seal the end of the root canal. He may put a few stitches in the gum tissue to help it heal properly.

What should I expect after endodontic microsurgery?

After endodontic microsurgery, follow all post-care instructions from Dr. Sarmiento. Your tooth might feel a little bit tender for a while. Ice the area, take over-the-counter pain relievers as needed, and begin with a soft-food diet.

When the treatment area heals, resume good at-home oral hygiene practices to prevent future problems. Brush your teeth after meals, floss daily, and see your dentist at least every six months for routine cleanings and dental exams. Don’t chew on hard objects or open packages with your teeth.

At the first sign of a toothache, pain with chewing, cracked teeth, or swelling, call the Sarmiento Microendodontics office or book an appointment online today.