Root Canal Retreatment


Root canal retreatment is similar to a routine root canal procedure, with a few added measures. The reopening of your tooth gain access to the root canal filling material will be needed. After removing the previous canal filling, the endodontist will clean the canals and examine the inside of your tooth searching for any unusual anatomy that requires treatment. After cleaning the canals again, the doctor will fill and seal them placing a temporary filling in the tooth.

Why you might need another endodontic procedure?

As with any dental or medical procedure at times, a tooth may not heal as expected after initial root canal treatment for a variety of reasons:

  • Narrow or curved canals were not treated during the initial procedure.
  • Complicated canal anatomy went undetected in the first procedure.
  • The placement of the crown or other restoration was delayed following the endodontic treatment.
  • The restoration did not prevent salivary contamination to the inside of the tooth.
  • New decay can expose the root canal filling material to bacteria, causing a new infection.
  • A loose, cracked or broken crown or filling can expose the tooth to new infection.
  • Tooth fracture.
  • A new problem (jeopardizing a successfully treated tooth).

With proper care, a root canal treatment can last a lifetime. But sometimes, a tooth that has been treated doesn't heal properly and can become painful or diseased months or even years after treatment. If your tooth failed to heal or develops new problems, you have a second chance. An additional procedure may be able to support healing and save your tooth.

Is retreatment the best choice for me?

It is best to save your natural tooth. Retreated teeth can function well for years, even for a lifetime. If nonsurgical retreatment is not an option, then endodontic surgery should be considered. Dr. Sarmiento will discuss your options and recommend appropriate treatment.

Who performs root canal retreatment and what are the costs?

Endodontic or root canal retreatment can be more complicated and technically challenging than initial treatment and is generally carried out by root canal specialists, like Dr. Sarmiento. The payoff for choosing retreatment should be a healthy, functioning natural tooth for many years to come.

If you live near Cypress, Tx. or in the Houston area, please contact Dr. Sarmiento, he will inform you on what you need to know after a first examination. Stop living in pain! Your problem can be solved in the most professional and careful way. Make an appointment as soon as possible!

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