Regenerative Endodontics


Regenerative Endodontics is a biological based procedure designed to replace damaged tooth structure in an immature necrotic tooth and restore pulpal function and root development, as well as increasing thickness in the dentinal walls, leading to regenerate a functional pulp to a healthy state. It allows the retention of teeth that otherwise may be lost.

Managing necrotic pulp of immature permanent teeth can be very challenging, particularly because the root system is difficult to debride and the dentinal walls are easily fractured. Missing teeth can cause further complications such as bite problems, difficulty chewing, difficulty speaking, and self-esteem issues. This is where the scientifically advanced regenerative endodontic therapy comes into play.

In most cases, regenerative endodontic treatment requires two or more appointments. The patient should be examined and diagnosed by an expert. During the first appointment, the endodontist establishes access and removes necrotic pulp and microorganisms from the canal space. During the second appointment, the absence of symptoms should first be confirmed. Then, the specialist proceeds to:

During the second appointment, the absence of symptoms should first be confirmed. Then, the specialist proceeds to:


Remove the antimicrobial medicament

Irritate the dentin with EDTA to release growth factors

Deliver stem cells into the canal by stimulating bleeding

Create a blood clot or platelet-rich plasma to serve as a scaffold

Place a barrier and then a restoration to seal the tooth


Follow-up appointments are required to measure the efficacy of the procedure. On follow-up, the tooth should be fully functional and without symptoms. On the radiograph, there should be no periapical radiolucency by six to twelve months after the procedure and the thickness of the dentinal wall and root length should be noted one to two years after the procedure.

IMPORTANT: Not all patients are strong candidates for regenerative endodontic procedures. Cases with the most positive outcome have several factors in common: the patient is young, the pulp is necrotic and the apex is immature, there’s no or minimal instrumentation of dentinal walls, an intracanal medicament has been placed, a protein scaffold or blood clot has been created in the canal and the coronal seal is effective.

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