Nitrous Oxide


Nitrous Oxide or Inhalation Conscious Sedation

Nitrous oxide is also known as ‘laughing gas’. It’s a sedative agent mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask to help with anxiety, fear, relaxation, and a gag-reflex. It’s a common form of conscious sedation (commonly used in root canal procedures) that produces a euphoric effect. It’s provided during dental procedures to relieve dental anxiety in both children and adults.

Nitrous oxide oral sedation is one of the safest sedation forms available in endodontics and it’s mainly used in conjunction with a local dental anesthesia, which is still necessary to numb your mouth during oral surgery. You will recover from the effects of nitrous oxide long before the numbness from local dental anesthesia wears off. Ultimately, you should feel calm and comfortable through all the procedure and you will also be able to safely drive home or do anything normally after your appointment. It is also very safe for children because it’s non-addictive and the patient remains fully conscious, keeping all their natural reflexes.


But of course, like any drug, there are pros and cons to using ‘laughing gas during’ dental procedures:



 Perfect for fearful patients and children

 Patient remains conscious and can communicate with the dentist

 There are limited or no side effects of nitrous oxide

 Wears off quickly with little or no recovery time

 Considered safe and non-addictive when used correctly

 Patient does not need an escort


 Not a subsitute for local dental anesthesia during major dental surgery

 Overmedicating or using nitrous oxide on a full stomach may cause nausea or vomiting

 May not work on extremely phobic patients

 Not recommended for patients who have difficulty breathing in through the nose.


When administered correctly (by an specialized endodontist), nitrous oxide sedation is a safe, effective way to eliminate dental anxiety. If you're avoiding the dentist out of fear, nitrous oxide can help you get the professional dental care you need. If you live near Cypress Tx., this might be your lucky day! Contact us for further information and make an appointment to receive the best dental pain-free treatment you could ever have!

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